Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees

The first meeting of the Caribbean Caucus of National Olympic Committees was held in Barbados in February, 1999. The concept for a Caribbean Olympic Caucus was first touted in January 1998 in Melbourne, Australia when a group of Caribbean delegates met to discuss Caribbean Olympism and other matters of common interest. This group called for the establishment of formal mechanisms for communication and valuable dialogue in order to develop relevant strategies to enhance the regional Olympic Movement

The Executive Committee of CANOC







Trinidad & Tobago




St. Lucia








Cayman Islands




St. Vincent and the Grenadines




US Virgin Islands



Former Executive Committee Members of CANOC

2003-2005 - Mr. Douglas Camacho of Trinidad & Tobago

2003-2005 - Mr. Vere Bird Jr. of Antigua & Barbuda

2005-2007 - Mr. Larry Romany of Trinidad & Tobago (FORMER TREASURER)

2005-2007 - Mr. Gerhard van Dijk of Suriname

2005-2007 - Mr. Erskine Simmons of Barbados