CANOC Sports Law Conference

A Regional Forum on Sports Law in the Caribbean

The recent launch of a publication, Sports Law in the Commonwealth Caribbean, by lawyers, Dr Jason Haynes of St Vincent and the Grenadines and J Tyrone Marcus of Trinidad and Tobago, has drawn attention to the changing legal framework impacting the field of sport in the region.

Several of the cases cited in the publication point to the extent to which our national sporting bodies and their affiliates are, for the most part, ill-prepared to adequately address the numerous challenges that are increasingly confronting them. Athletes and other stakeholders in sport in the Caribbean are taking to the nation’s courts to resolve issues that were once taken for granted.

The two-day Conference would address some of the more burning contemporary legal issues impacting National Olympic Committees, national federations and their affiliates in the hope that they are all better prepared for a more pro-active approach to safeguarding themselves legally in the future.