First CANOC Week Celebration – St. Vincent – Introduction to Rowing/ Gold Coast 2018 Athletes Interact with The Kingstown Preparatory School

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Rowing Association and parent body, FISA, invited ten students from seven secondary schools around Kingstown to an introductory session of the oldest Olympic sport – Rowing.

The stdents start off the session with stretches

Dr. Sallie Malt, a FISA consultant, had the distinct pleasure of demonstrating to 12 students and 2 P.E teachers from 2 schools; the J. P. Eustace Secondary and the Girls’ High School, the beginnings of what it takes to be a rower and rower/coach.

Sallie Malt demonstrating how to use the ergometer

They were given explanations on safety, different parts of the body used in the sport, parts of the ergometer (ergo for short), the importance of good posture, technique and identifying errors. They were also tested on the different parts of the ergo, and they all had an opportunity to use the ergometer.

Sallie Malt explains the functions of each part of the ergometer after testing the students


Students on the ergometer with their new found knowledge





Vincentian athletes and Chef De Mission, Jacintha Ballantyne in a visit to their GC2018 Schools Connect Program adopted school – Kingstown Preparatory School on March 06.


A delightful greeting from the enthisiastic students!

Gold Coast athletes having an interactive session with the students.

KPS students alongside teacher Fiona Charles with the Gold Coast athletes and Chef de Missions, Jacintha Ballantyne 

Due to their involvement in the GC2018 Schools Connect Program, the school has formed a great relationship with the Teachers, Students and Parents of Worongary State School.