Dr Fernando Beltranena – Guatemala Olympic Committee

The Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC) extends sincere condolences to the immediate, Olympic and entire sporting families of Dr Fernando Beltranena, from President of the Guatemala Olympic Committee, a committed sporting icon and a very dear friend of the Caribbean Olympic organizations.
During his tenure in the Olympic Movement Dr Beltranena embraced and epitomized the lofty values and ideals enshrined in the IOC’s concept of Olympism.
Dr Beltranena’s general demeanour left him a most affable person whose knowledge of the global Olympic Movement and studies of the life and works of IOC founder, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, saw him being dubbed, the de Coubertin of the Americas. He spent much of his time in PASO promoting the establishment of National Olympic Academies in the Americas and often fought for the continent to organize its own Regional Olympic Academy as a hub for further Olympic Studies.
It was while many were sharing the celebration of the annual Olympic day, the official opening of the IOC’s Olympic Headquarters and the convening of the IOC’s most recent Session that news of Dr Beltranena’s fall and subsequent self- induced coma reached our ears. This information led to prayers being undertaken across the globe. It was both God’s Grace and his indomitable sport that allowed Dr Beltranena to soldier on for the weeks that passed by after his fall.
The CANOC family has lost a great friend as has the global Olympic and sporting movements.
We are grateful that we were given the opportunity to have known such a humble, loving man; a man of his times; a man whose legacy will forever impact the Panam Sports region and its entire membership.
May he rest in peace.